Crown Club

Project Chair: Meagan Farrell

Project Co-Chair(s): Sarah Snowden & Erin Briscoe

Crown Club is a service club for 10th-12th grade girls at Lafayette and Oxford High Schools. Girls participate in a variety of community service projects that JA already sponsors, but also choose a project of their own.

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For their fall project, this sweet group of Crown Club girls rounded up the troops at Hermitage Gardens to play a festive game of B I N G O!! Lots of Laughter, Prizes, and New Friends filled the building with Holiday Cheer! Thank you to Hermitage Gardens of Oxford for letting us come out and visit !

For their spring project, the Crown Club girls spent a Saturday afternoon stuffing Easter Eggs and delivering them to the residents of the Veterans Home in Oxford! The smiles on the resident’s faces sure filled our hearts with joy yesterday!