Crown Club

Project Chair: Meagan Farrell

Project Co-Chair(s): Sarah Snowden & Erin Briscoe

Crown Club is a service club for 10th-12th grade girls at Lafayette and Oxford High Schools. Girls participate in a variety of community service projects that JA already sponsors, but also choose a project of their own. Most recently, the girls put together goodie bags of coloring books, activity books, and crayons for children to have when they checked in at the local hospital. They also had TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, and movies donated to help entertain children and make them more comfortable.


This sweet group of Crown Club girls rounded up the troops at Hermitage Gardens to play a festive game of B I N G O!! 🎅🏼🎉 Lots of Laughter, Prizes, and New Friends filled the building with Holiday Cheer! Thank you to Hermitage Gardens of Oxford for letting us come out and visit !