Children’s Book Festival

Project Chairs: Ashley Crumby & Caroline Forks

Project Co-Chairs: Connie Jo Mills & Dana Requet

Each spring, this project brings a nationally recognized children’s author to Oxford to visit with 5th grade students. Prior to the author’s visit, JA purchases one of the author’s books for every 5th grade child. JA members deliver and share the book with the students in reading class prior to the festival. Students have the opportunity to read the book and have focus discussions in their classes. The author then comes to speak with the children. Over 1,000 local students attend the Children’s Book Festival. We would like to thank Phi Kappa Psi-Mississippi and Renasant Bank for sponsoring this project!

Due to the pandemic, last year’s event had to be postponed/cancelled. This year we will include both 5th and 6th grade since the current sixth graders did not get an author visit during their 5th grade year. We are hosting the same author as planned for last year, Cassie Beasley.  The book is “Circus Mirandus”.