Art Print-Retired Project

Art Print was started over 40 YEARS ago to introduce young children to famous works of art. Prints of works by Van Gogh, Walter Anderson, Monet and many others decorate the halls of the elementary schools. Due to the pandemic, Art Print went VIRTUAL! JA members presented the featured art and artist to every classroom through a video clip–first grade students at Lafayette Elementary and first Grade and second grade grade students at Oxford Elementary.  Over 800 elementary students continue to enjoy Art Print videos each month.

Lafayette Lower Elementary Art Teacher, Amy Slone, said, “I used this art piece (Britto’s “Heart Kids”) and did an entire unit on Romero Britto using the videos and the art piece you sent. I also share this piece with all of my classes, pre-k through 2nd. All of my classes have enjoyed this program. I have set up a room in my virtual classroom as well with the art and videos so the students can access them at any time.  Thank you for sharing this with me and my students.” Please enjoy pictures from one of her 2nd grade classes below.

We would like to thank our sponsor–Kinney & Associates PLLC–for sponsoring this project!