2017-2018 Provisional Members

2017-2018 Junior Auxiliary of Oxford – Provisional Class! πŸ˜„πŸŽ‰ How excited are we for such an amazing new group?! Congratulations Ladies!! πŸ‘‘Back Row: Kristen Palmer, Kara Parham, Carole Glidewell, Katie Soldevila, McKenzie Wills, Mary Adams Kinney, and Simms Haguewood. Front Row: Heather Knapp, Keeana Koenig, Brittni Paris, Stephanie Fisher, Sara Nowell, and Elizabeth Pannel. Not pictured: Maria Moya, Julia Reed and Caroline ForksStephanie Fisher

Carole Glidewell
Simms Haguewood
Mary Adams Kinney
Heather Knapp
Keeana Koenig
Maria Moya
Sara Nowell
Kristen Palmer
Elizabeth Pannel
Kara Parham
Brittni Paris
Julia Reed
Katie Soldevilla
McKenzie Wills